DeQuest & Integral Partner to Accelerate Web3 Gaming

GameFi organizations can unlock a new level of in-game engagement while ensuring their financials are optimized with DeQuest and Integral’s partnership.

Patrick Valoppi

Updated on

Apr 20, 2023

DeQuest and Integral Partner to Accelerate Web3 Gaming
DeQuest and Integral Partner to Accelerate Web3 Gaming
DeQuest and Integral Partner to Accelerate Web3 Gaming

We’re thrilled to announce that DeQuest and Integral have recently partnered together. This stems from our shared mission to support Web3 communities and accelerate its adoption.

Our partnership’s goal focuses on providing exclusive access, discounts and perks to GameFi organizations. In doing so, we aim to arm these organizations with the necessary tools for success.

DeQuest is a reputation-focused gaming platform that provides seamless onboarding and engagement for Web3 games. They leverage community, gamification, and mutually beneficial partnerships combined together into a Web3 platform that teaches, empowers, and rewards forward-thinking users.

GameFi organizations can increase in-game engagement and education with DeQuest by:

  • Completing exciting quests in Journeys and Realms so players can level up their skill trees

  • Enabling users to discover new web3 games and metaverses across different blockchains

  • Offering rewards for completing quests while boosting on-chain player reputation

  • And ultimately earning Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) that showcase authenticated achievements and activities

DeQuest works with world-class Web3 games like Illuvium and Gods Unchained.

"This partnership will allow us to combine our strengths and resources, creating a synergistic relationship that fosters innovation, growth and progress in GameFi. Excited to be working with Integral to build the future of web3 gaming!"

Mujtaba Arbi · DeQuest Chief Strategy Officer

Integral empowers Web3 gaming organizations to take charge of their digital assets with enterprise-grade crypto accounting that puts them in control. We’re a Web3 CFO’s most powerful tool with crypto bookkeeping, treasury management, compliant-friendly reporting and more.

GameFi organizations can ensure NFT accounting efficiency, transparency and compliance with Integral by:

  • Ditching the spreadsheets and save hundreds of engineering and accounting hours annually

  • Closing month-ends 4x faster with intuitive rules for revenue categorization across NFT collections, NFT marketplaces, and NFT tokens

  • Automating recognition of primary sales (mints) and secondary sales (royalties) income

  • Seeing a real-time dashboard to track their NFT assets, value, and cost basis

  • Building compliance with tax lots, flexible reporting and a robust exporter

Integral works with world-class NFT organizations like RTFKT and Degenerate Ape Academy.

"After speaking with DeQuest’s team, it was obvious we had strong alignment on our organizations’ core missions. We’re thrilled to be partners with them and are eager to serve our communities from it!"

Liam Grant · Integral Head of Growth

We strongly believe that Web3 allies who share common values are what make this community so great. We know our partnership together will not only accelerate Web3 gaming but prove highly beneficial to organizations who desire accelerated GameFi adoption and streamlined financial operations.

Let DeQuest and Integral accelerate your growth.

Apply here for exclusive access, perks and discounts in less than a minute!